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Harvesting Successfully Raided a Store and Warehouse Selling Counterfeit Headphones and Earphones with Shanghai PSB
In May 2016, Harvesting assisted Hongkou Branch, Shanghai PSB in raiding a store selling counterfeit headphones and earphones of a well-known brand in a famous shopping mall as well as its related warehouse. In the raid action, there were over 3,300 products seized, including earphones, headphones, and speakers. Two suspects, Qin Mouduan and Wan were captured on the spot. Four months later, Qin, another complice delivered himself to PSB.  
Shanghai Yangpu People’s Court pronounced sentence as below:
Qin Mouduan was sentenced to nine months and fined RMB 20, 000;
Wan was sentenced to ten months with probation of one year, plus a fine of RMB 20,000;
Qin was sentenced to seven months with probation of one year and fined RMB 20,000.


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