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Trademark legal services mainly include services regarding IPR ownership, such as trademark application, trademark opposition, trademark dispute, recordal licensing and customs recordal, etc. Harvesting trademark agents provide the clients at home and abroad with all-round, comprehensive and targeted services of high-quality. They exert their specialties to the full in a service spirit of earnest, sincerity and initiative, with professional ability, active communication, modern IPR software management system, and close cooperation with other departments.


Harvesting’s advantageous trademark legal services are:


Strong and Professional Handling in Basic Trademark Services—Harvesting can represent clients to apply for domestic trademark and domain name; address right affirmation and disputes relevant to trademark and domain name; help clients obtain and safeguard their IPR. Harvesting has the following strength in this respect:

1. When conducting trademark application, Harvesting pays more attention to clients’ trademark or other IPR strategies, and provides suggestion. Considering that clients are often eager to use the trademark, Harvesting will provide application service of trademark or other IPR in a more conservative way, with the purpose of lowering the trademark reject rate and avoid clients’ loss of interest to the utmost.

2. Harvesting’s strong communication ability is one of strong suits widely acknowledged. For every trademark registration, Harvesting trademark counselors will make active contact with clients, understand their demands, and offer comprehensive service suggestions for clients. After submitting trademark registration application, the trademark counselors will keep clients informed of the trademark registration progress by monthly report in a punctual manner.

3. Language ability. Harvesting has agents engaging in foreign affairs who are proficient in English and Japanese, especially in legal English and Japanese. Therefore, Harvesting can identify and execute clients’ requirements clearer and better.


Foreign-related Comprehensive Trademark Services—Harvesting has established long-term and stable cooperation with many IPR service institutions from tens of countries and regions all over the world. Harvesting is familiar with international practice and regulation, and has built up extensive contact and cooperation with most countries of the world. It is acquainted with the related stipulations, operating regulations and legal procedures concerning domestic and foreign trademark affairs. On the basis of the practical situation of the clients, Harvesting is able to conduct trademark registration through Madrid International Trademark System and registration in different countries and regions. It provides domestic and overseas clients with all-round foreign-related trademark services, not only including trademark search, registration application and renewal service, but also settlements for the trademark preemptive registration, opposition, dispute, trademark licensing, foreign-related customs recordal, foreign-related infringement case, reaction to temporaryprohibitionin exhibition, etc.


Trademark Consultancy Services— Harvesting annually offers general trademark guidance and counseling as per enterprises’ requirements, provides advice and suggestions regarding trademark legal affairs, and assists clients in dealing with kinds of trademark infringement disputes. Besides, based on enterprises’ actual needs and development prospect, Harvesting provides more accurate law orientation as well as training services for in-house IPR managerial personnel. Harvesting has served as a consultant for many domestic enterprises, during which process it has accumulated rich experience and has been highly regarded by clients.


Trademark Trust Services—Based on enterprises’ practical situation as well as their requirement, and current status of trademarks, Harvesting provides customized trademark outsourcing management services, which is initiative services with interaction with enterprises, such as electronic management of all the trademark information, development of management system, strategy planning, plan execution, information collection and analysis of competitor’s trademark information. Trust services not only reduce set-up costs of enterprises’ in-house professionals and institution, but also offer more professional trademark law services, to help the enterprises achieve the comprehensive understanding, management, use of trademark, and prevent law violations in general business practices.


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