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Intellectual Property Litigation Services

Intellectual property litigation is one of Harvesting’s core services. Holding Harvesting’s philosophy of “Perseverance, Diligence, Responsibility”, the litigation team provides concise, continuous and practical professional legal services for clients.

The members of Harvesting litigation team mostly graduated from prestigious law schools in China, European and America, who have profound academic attainments and rich practice experience. Compared to the average and simplex law firms, Harvesting effectively avoid the shortage of handling cases by a single lawyer or a single group. Instead, it adopts company management style, and pays more attention to exertion of different specialties of different lawyers, investigators and customer service staff, as well as the strength of team cooperation. Therefore, Harvesting can fulfill clients’ task dedicatedly and productively.

Administrative Right Affirmation Litigation—Harvesting’s lawyers have rich litigation experience, and have gained tremendous achievements in litigation of IPR affirmation. The success of cases in right affirmation provides beneficial support to the relevant infringement cases. Besides, Harvesting’s lawyers take part in numerous seminars on right affirmation litigation and share experience with our counterparts.

Civil Litigation of Infringement—In the civil litigation of IP infringement, the lawyers actively take action, and raise civil litigation across the country, especially in developed coastal areas by taking advantage of Harvesting’s powerful nationwide investigation network. When dealing with cases, the lawyers pay much attention to specific situation of different cases and areas, and thus develop specific litigation strategies. As a result, Harvesting is able to win the cases and claim a reasonable compensation amount for clients. Harvesting always moves forward as per client’s demand. It will not take claiming compensation as the sole appeal; rather, it will conduct adequate evaluation of claim amount, punishment imposed by law enforcement departments, social impact of the cases, etc, so that it can provide clients with the best solution.

Criminal Litigation of Intellectual Property— Following up criminal litigation concerning Intellectual Property on behalf of clients is also one of Harvesting’s characteristic services. The lawyers provide cases clues in investigation stage and assist in criminal raids. In addition, our lawyers can act as victims’ agent ad litem since the prosecution stage. They will review case files and help clients have a further knowledge of criminal network. Moreover, Harvesting investigates and collects evidences, urges PSB, Procuratorate and the Court to better safeguard victims’ legal interest and attends the court hearing on behalf of the victims. By all the above means, Harvesting manages to achieve more favorable effects and has been well acknowledged by clients.

IP Non-litigation Service—Harvesting has marvelous performances in IP non-litigation matters. Serving as intellectual property consultant for numerous enterprises, Harvesting mobilizes different resources and strengths to assist the enterprise in building up IP strategy system, providing relevant training, consultancy service and advice. Furthermore, Harvesting helps clients to establish and improve inner intellectual property management, deals with kinds of IP contracts, represents companies in intellectual property negotiation, and assists companies to conduct crisis management.

Corporation Legal Affairs—Acting as perennial law consultant, Harvesting assists clients to handle in-house and out-house legal issues and offers independent, impersonal opinions. It is believed that what a company need is balanced, safe and effective law solutions provided by professional personnel familiar with policy background and rules in all sectors. In this respect, Harvesting is the best institution, which is capable to help clients solve the above matters as it has conducted a great deal of research and practical work, and has accumulated rich practical experience in various respects such as organization structure design, adjustment and reorganization of management system, transaction design, prohibition of business strife, and affiliate transaction, etc.




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