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IPR Protection Service

Intellectual property protection has been Harvesting’s core business since its foundation. Harvesting’s strengths and achievements in intellectual property protection have been highly regarded by clients as well as the peers.
Harvesting’s accomplishments benefit from the nationwide IPR protection network and a powerful group of about fifty members engaging in infringement investigation and rights protection, including over ten legal personnel with practiced qualification and more than twenty professional investigators.
In recent years, Harvesting deals with several hundred administrative IPR protection cases and over one hundred criminal cases every year. It manages to conduct advanced warning, timely stoppage and continuous monitoring against various infringements upon client’s intellectual property. Furthermore, with the application of comprehensive legal means, Harvesting manages to safeguard clients’ rights in different ways rather than immoderately taking the only simple way of raid action, which greatly costs the clients’ expenditure but with less unsatisfied effect.
           Harvesting’s main IPR protection services include:

           —  Infringement investigation & evidence collection service
           —  Network monitoring service
           —  Requesting AIC and TSB for administrative raids and providing assistance
           —  Criminal case conduct
           —  Customs protection
           —  Monitoring and IPR protection in exhibition
           —  Counterfeit storage and destruction
           —  Patent infringement cases—filing complaint to local IP offices
           —  Case management & IPR strategy review
           —  Official visits to government departments

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