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Case Concerning a Factory Producing Counterfeit Apparel in Guangzhou (Infringer: Wang)

Case Review

Ms. Wang, the suspect, had produced apparel counterfeiting a luxurious brand (hereinafter referred to as “Brand G”) in her factory in Panyu District, Guangzhou.The finished products were stored in the warehouse in Panyu District and sold viaher store in a clothing mall in Yuexiu District.

On Aug8, 2014, Harvesting’s staff and PSB officers raided against the above-mentioned targets and seized 2,518 pieces of apparel bearing trademarks of Brand G. Ms. Wang was caught on the spot. As per identification, the seized apparel were all counterfeits.

Harvesting’s Action

After being authorized by Brand G Company, Harvesting launched a series of investigation and action as below to safeguard client’s legal rights.

1. Dispatching investigators to conduct on-spot investigation and real-time monitoring over the store, factory and warehouse.

2. Filing complaint to PSB, organizing the officers to raid against the target’s infringementupon Brand G’s exclusive trademark right.

3. Cooperating with the officers in seizing the counterfeits and collecting the crime evidences such asorders and delivery notes.

4. Appointing attorneys to follow up the case and negotiating with Ms. Wang on the civil compensation.

Case Progress

1. Ms. Wang was suspected of conducting crime of counterfeiting trademarks and was arrested in accordance with the law.

2. Ms. Wangactivelypaid compensation to Brand G Company.

Harvesting’s Perspective

On investigating stage, Harvesting dispatchedcompetent investigators to undertake on-spot investigation into the infringer. After grasping the infringing evidences, our actively coordinating PSB ensured the efficiency and power of right safeguarding. During the raid action, we kept real-time monitoring over the target store, factory and warehouse, paid close attention to the infringement, and assisted PSB in precise raiding and collecting the criminal evidences. After the raid, Harvesting appointedexperienced attorneysto actively follow up the case and communicate with the suspectand her lawyer. Ms. Wangfinally initiatively proposed compensation to the brand company.

With the rich experience of legal rights protection and rigorous investigation, Harvesting successfully targeted and cracked down the infringer’s network of manufacturing and selling counterfeits, so that the infringer could be prosecuted for criminal liabilities. What’s more, we facilitated the infringer to actively pay compensation, and firmly protected the brand owner’s legal rights and interests.  




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