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Harvesting Assisted Ningbo Customs in Seizing over 10 Thousand Counterfeit Belts of Some Famous Brand
Subsequent to investigation, on May 29, 2015, we found a logistics warehouse in Yiwu was delivering counterfeit belts with leading brand name. That morning, container filled with the counterfeit goods had been shipped to a wharf in Ningbo, ready to be destined for India at any time. Our company promptly reported to Ningbo Customs about the container. After opening the container for inspection, the Customs seized nearly 14,000 counterfeit belts of some well-known brands.
With detailed investigation, close surveillance and timely case reporting, Harvesting has been fully appreciated and recognized by brand holder. The action demonstrated success in intercepting infringing goods from flowing into overseas market, thus safeguarding legal rights and interests of brand holder.  


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