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Harvesting Assisted Hangzhou Customs to Seize Over 10 Thousand Pairs of Counterfeit Shoes in Container

On June 8, 2015, by investigation, Harvesting found a batch of shoes suspiciously infringing trademark right of a famous sports brand stocked in Longwan District, Yiwu City. During our monitoring, we found the goods were loaded into a container at that night and was to clear customs by a container wharf in Wenzhou the following day. After making sure of the target’s whereabouts, we immediately reported and complained to Hangzhou Customs, and organized them to arrange an unpacking inspection. At last, over 12,000 pairs of shoes counterfeiting the abovementioned famous sports brand were seized.
It is usually a short period from the container’s customs clearance to the goods being loaded on ship. In this action, in order to intercept the container successfully, we traced the goods, reported and complained timely to customs and actively communicated with the customs in a short period, which effectively blocked the flow of such large quantities of goods to foreign markets and protected the interests of right holders with our greatest effort.


Goods arriving at Yiwu City

The goods are loading onto container

The target container


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