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Harvesting’s IPR Protection Services at the Canton Fair


With the development of globalization, increasing channels of information transmission as well as global logistics and counterfeiting methods, numerous counterfeit manufacturers and sellers expand their companies with the profit earned from counterfeits producing and selling. Their counterfeit trading even extends to overseas area. Quite a few manufacturers and sellers even obtain orders and advertise their products at Canton Fair — the largest international trade fair in China. By the global platform of Canton Fair, the infringers export counterfeit goods and gain profit, which damage the brand interest. In order to protect the legal rights and interests of the brand owners, and strengthen the crackdown on counterfeiting, Harvesting, views from international perspective and pays high attention to the counterfeit manufacturers and sellers in Canton Fair.

Based on years of IPR protection experience at the Canton Fair, Harvesting has established a unique procedure. We will make full preparation before each session of Canton Fair, including:

Applying for clients’ IC badge—Harvesting will help to register buyer’s card (IC badge) for clients who haven’t attended Canton Fair for IPR protection;

Holding internal training—to make sure that every employee is familiar with the brand’s trademarks, products, and emphasize on considerations during investigation, compliant filing in the Canton Fair;

Conducting internal review and preparation of complaint documents—guarantee completion and validity of complaint documents;

Conducting brand recordal in Canton Fair—put the brand conducting IPR protection at current session on records.

Make personnel arrangements and detailed planning ahead of time each day—arrange staff according to the Canton Fair’s commodity distribution map and the involved products; implement team responsibility system.

During the Canton Fair, staffs from Harvesting conduct investigation against all the suspicious booths in Canton Fair, collect information, photograph the suspected infringing products and the booths as planned. In addition, our staffs organize the AIC enforcement staff to take raid action against some booths as per clients’ instruction, requiring the target booths to remove all the infringing products off shelves, so as to prevent them from obtaining more orders. After the raid action, Harvesting will arrange staff to recheck the booths every day, to see whether they are still displaying the target products. After Canton Fair, Harvesting will provide professional advices for the targets, discuss with the clients, and select the key targets to conduct site investigation and take raid action when the timing is ripe. Besides, in each session of the Canton Fair, Harvesting gathers the information of the all the infringing targets, sets up a database to make records for all the data.

Harvesting’s specialty, delicacy and well organization in Canton Fair’s services ensure efficient and successful IPR protection in each session of Canton Fair, and safeguard the brand owners’ legal rights and interests to the utmost. Up to now, Harvesting has conducted IPR protection in Canton Fair for about ten years, and is well received and praised by the clients.



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