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Harvesting Conducted IPR Protection at the 115th Canton Fair for Eight Brands

—Broadening IPR Protection Frontier and Cracking Down Counterfeiting


From April 15, 2014 to May 5, 2014, Harvesting conducted IPR protection for eight brands at 115th Canton Fair, including the seven main brands of the international luxury K Group, and a famous Japanese sports brand (hereinafter referred to as Brand A). Harvesting detected and selected the targets, conducted action in the complex and the subsequent investigation. In this session of Canton Fair, the concerned products included perfumes, glasses, watches, bags, shoes and apparel. Therefore, Harvesting took part in the Phase II and III.


IPR Protection of K Group

To guarantee completion and comprehensiveness of information collection, as well as efficiency of target selection, our teams conducted targeted investigation in the daytime, while in the evening, classified all the information collected that day and put into file. Rather than participated in the Canton Fair, K Group entrusted us to conduct investigation and IPR protection, therefore, we gave timely report to client when the targets suitable for filing complaint were selected, and sought instruction. During the 115th Canton Fair, altogether 52 targets suspected of infringing exclusive trademark rights or imitated designs of brands of K Group were found, in which 11 trademarks and 9 designs were concerned.

After conducting careful consideration, selection and discussion on the targets, we carried out the follow-up and investigation to key targets as per client’s instruction after the Canton Fair. 


IPR Protection of Brand A

Representatives from Brand A visited the Canton Fair complex, conducted investigation with us and witnessed the whole process of complaint and raid action against the infringing target. At the 115th Canton Fair, 23 booths suspected of selling counterfeit shoes, and 2 booths suspected of selling counterfeit clothing of Brand A were found, in which 5 trademarks were concerned. Via careful selection, recheck, and discussion, we were assigned to file complaint against 8 booths selling counterfeit shoes and 2 booths selling counterfeit clothing to Canton Fair’s Complaint Reception Station for IPR and Trade Dispute. The reception station promptly organized action against the above 10 booths. Staffs of the booths were required to sign Letter of Commitment and all the infringing goods were moved off shelves. 


In this session of Canton Fair, we accomplished efficient and excellent IPR protection job including investigation and raid action with the sound deployment and joint efforts of teams. We managed to prevent the infringing booths from obtaining orders for infringing goods through the international platform of Canton Fair, and therefore avoided flowing out of the infringing products into overseas areas and protected legal rights and interests of the trademark owners. After the Canton Fair, we submitted reports to different brands respectively, including information on all the infringing targets, as well as analysis of infringement types and infringed intellectual property types. Our achievements during and after the Fair were well received and commended by the clients.


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