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Harvesting Conducted IPR Protection at the 118th Canton Fair for Ten Brands
From October 15th to November 4th, 2015, ten clients of Harvesting attended Canton Fair IPR protection, including a famous Japanese adhesive-tape brand (hereinafter brand N), a famous Japanese sports brand (hereinafter brand A), seven major brands of the international luxury Group K, and a famous American leisure shoe brand (hereinafter brand V). The products concerned are industrial products, watches, glasses, bags, cases, shoe and garment, etc. The IPR protection job in this Canton Fair is as below:
IPR Protection of Brand N
In Phase I of Canton Fair, we accompanied a representative from Brand N to investigate into the booths in the Canton Fair complex and found 5 companies suspected of infringing trademark right of Brand N. The concerned products were decompressing fittings, double-side adhesive tape, protective film, and packaging bag.
After the Canton Fair, the client selected one company and entrust us to make investigation.
IPR Protection of Brand A
The concerned products of Brand A in Phase III are shoe, garment, bags and cases. In Phase III, the representative of Brand A Company came and conducted investigation with us in the complex. We investigated into 20 halls and found 32 booths suspected of infringing its trademark rights. Through careful discussion with our client, we took raid action against 15 booths and all were successful. The enforcement officers asked the principals to remove all the infringing goods off shelves and required all the principals to sign Commitment Letter, promising not to sell infringing goods any longer.
Besides, we found two authorized factories exhibited goods without client’s permission in this Canton Fair. Our lawyers persuaded one of the factories to remove the goods in the booth; and sent C&D letter to the other factory due to its repeated display of goods without client’s permission.
IPR Protection of Group K
Group K paid attention to watches and glasses in Phase II. We conducted investigation under the instruction of Client. We searched 3 halls and found 8 targets altogether.
Group K paid attention to bags, cases, shoe and garment in Phase III. The representatives from Group K came to the Canton Fair complex and carried out investigation with us. The investigation scope covered 23 halls and 96 booths were found suspected of infringing exclusive trademark right or imitating designs of the brand. 16 trademarks were involved.
After detailed discussion, the Client assigned us to take raid action against 6 booths. All the raids were successful. The interested party removed the target products and signed Commitment Letter to promise not to sell infringing products under the request of enforcement officers.
For other targets that haven’t been raided in the Complex, Harvesting made further follow-up and investigation into key targets after the Canton Fair.
IPR Protection of Brand V
In this Canton Fair, we were entrusted by brand V to conduct investigation and enforcement in Complex. The main concerned products of Brand V are garment, shoe and cap. The investigation scope covered 7 halls. As per investigation, we found 11 targets infringing exclusive trademark right of Brand V, with 3 trademarks concerned. Among the 11 targets, 6 targets used logos identical to Brand V, while 5 targets used partially imitated logos. Besides, we found 2 targets infringing Brand V’s copyright. We filed complaint against the 6 targets that used identical logos to Complaint Reception Station for IPR and Trade Dispute for raid action, and 5 raids succeeded. The interested party signed Commitment Letter under the requirement of enforcement officers.
In addition, we found an authorized factory of Brand V displaying various types of shoes with Brand V logos. The booth removed the target products after our attorneys’ education and persuasion, and promised not to display products of Brand V by signing a Commitment Letter.
In this Canton Fair, we well accomplished the IPR protection job with delicate deployment and cooperation, and take countermeasure against different targets with pertinence. We summarized experience for better carrying out the job at next Canton Fair. We will continue to provide IPR protection service in high quality in future days.


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