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Harvesting Conducted Investigation and IPR Protection at the 119th Canton Fair for Eleven Brands
From April 15 to May 5, 2016, Harvesting conducted IPR protection in Canton Fair for a famous Japanese sports brand (hereinafter referred to as Brand A), seven main brands of the international luxury Group K, and a famous leisure shoe brand (hereinafter Brand V). Besides, Harvesting conducted investigation for a famous American outdoor apparel brand (hereinafter Brand T), and a famous American sports equipment brand (hereinafter Brand F). The main concerned products were shoe, garment, cases and bags, etc. The IPR protection brief is as below:
IPR Protection of Brand A
The concerned products of Brand A were shoes, garment, cases and bags, which fall in Phase Ⅲ of Canton Fair. During the Canton Fair, the representatives from Brand A visited the Canton Fair complex, conducted investigation with us. The investigation scope covered 20 halls, and 42 booths were found infringing exclusive trademark right of Brand A, with 4 trademarks concerned. After careful recheck, selection and discussion, it was finally decided to take raid action against 13 infringing booths and arrange attorneys to persuade 5 targets to remove the goods. Among 13 raided targets, 10 raids were successful. The enforcement staff removed goods and required interested parties to sign Commitment Letter, promising not to sell infringing targets. The other 5 targets removed the goods off shelves under the requirement of our attorneys, including 4 apparel booth and 1 bag booth.
After the Canton Fair, we submitted written report to Brand A Company with summary of raid process and result, and summarized target information in tables for client’s record.
IPR Protection of Group K
The focused products of Group K were clocks, watches and glasses. We investigated into 3 halls under the instruction of Client and found 10 targets.
In Phase Ⅲ, Group K focused on bags, cases, shoes and garment. The representative of Group K came to the Canton Fair complex and carried out investigation with us. The investigation scope covered 23 halls and 84 booths were found suspected of infringing exclusive trademark right, with 13 trademarks involved. Through thorough discussion, the client finally designated us to take raid actions against 4 booths and the actions were all successful. The law enforcement officers demanded infringers to remove goods off shelves during raids. All principals in the booth signed the Letter of Commitment, promising not to exhibit infringing goods any longer.
For the rest targets which were not raided in the Canton Fair, after evaluation on the target scales, careful selection and discussion with client, Harvesting conducted subsequent follow-up and investigation to the selected targets after the Canton Fair.
IPR Protection of Brand V
We conducted investigation and IPR protection in the complex for Brand V, who mainly focused on shoes, garment, caps and bags. The investigation scope covered 23 halls. Via investigation, we found that 7 targets displayed goods infringing its exclusive trademark right, with 2 trademarks involved. Among the 7 targets, 2 of them used marks identical to the brand company’s, while the other 5 ones used partially imitated logos. We communicated with Canton Fair Complaint Reception Station for IPR and Trade Dispute, the Station accepted complaint against the two booths that used identical logos and arranged raid action. The actions were successful. The booth owner signed Commitment Letter as per requirement of enforcement officers.
IPR Protection of Brand F and T
Brand F and T entrusted us to make investigation and collected data in the Complex. With inch-by-inch search, we found 6 booths infringing trademark right of Brand F, and 1 booth infringing brand T. We chatted with the booth staff to learn about their specific information, and reported the details to Client.
In this Canton Fair, we conducted investigated and IPR protection for more brands than in other session of Canton Fair. With more arduous tasks, we internally cooperated well and accomplished the jobs outstandingly. We got detailed target information, and protected brand interests via enforcement, which gave a blow and warning to infringers. We keep striving to provide high-quality and efficient services to Clients!


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