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Harvesting Conducted Investigation and IPR Protection at the 120th Canton Fair for Nine Brands
From October 15th to November 4th, 2016, Harvesting conducted IPR protection in Canton Fair for night brands, including a domestic famous electronic equipment brand (hereinafter Brand SK), a famous Japanese sports brand (hereinafter Brand A) and seven major brands of the international luxury Group K. Focused products involved electronic equipment, shoes and apparel, bags and cases, etc.
IPR Protection of Brand SK
Brand SK is a famous enterprise manufacturing and selling electronic equipment in China. In this Canton Fair, Brand SK entrusted us to carry out investigation and IPR protection on Phase I. Via thorough investigation, we found two exhibitors were suspected of trademark infringement. Via business contact with the infringing target, we got their promotion material. Then by online search of the two targets detailedly, we found that one of the targets had been administratively penalized due to infringement upon Brand SK, after which the target changed its sales area and sold the infringing products to the overseas. We then prepared detailed report to Brand SK and put forward IPR protection suggestion accordingly.
IPR Protection of Brand A
Brand A pays attention to products including shoes, apparel, bags and cases, which were all exhibited on the Phase III. During the Canton Fair, representative of Brand A came to Canton Fair complex to make investigation with us. The investigation scope covered overed 20 halls. There were 19 booths suspected of infringing its trademark rights found, and 3 trademarks were involved. Through careful discussion with our client, we took raid action against 16 booths, 5 selling apparel, and 11 selling shoes. All the actions achieved success. Furthermore, we made notarization of one target in the complex.
After the Canton Fair, we submitted written report to Brand A with the action process and result, and also summarized the target information in form of chart, for Client’s record and statistics.
IPR Protection of Group K
The focused products of Group K were bags, cases, shoes and apparel. The representative of Group K came to the Canton Fair complex and carried out investigation with us. The investigation scope covered 23 halls and 77 booths were found suspected of infringing exclusive trademark right, with 12 trademarks involved. After detailed discussion, the client finally designated us to take raid actions against 6 booths and the actions were all successful. All the infringers removed infringing products off shelves upon requirement of enforcement officers, and signed undertakings, promising not to exhibit infringing goods any longer.
For the rest targets which were not raided in the Canton Fair, after evaluation on the target scales, careful selection and discussion with client, Harvesting conducted subsequent follow-up and investigation to the selected targets after the Canton Fair.
In this Canton Fair, we have accomplished the tasks with outstanding performance with the prior training, careful deployment and efficient actions in the complex. After every Canton Fair, Harvesting will review the IPR protection jobs and summarize experience, so as to improve the service quality and better protect brand interest.


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